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Camilla Kimball Principles For a Long, Healthy and Happy Life (5-03-09)

Camilla Kimball

Tips For a Long, Healthy and Happy Life
From A Day With Camilla Kimball

Dream Big
 Yes, it IS possible to create health and make changes at any age.

The Journey of a 1,000 Miles Begins with the First Step
 Every healthy choice matters and they all add up.

Keep Things To Yourself  
When making life-style changes itís often wisest to do it privately, involving just a trusted few
and Heavenly Father. Your results will be seen by all soon enough!

Thereís Always a Way
Optimism always pays off.

Take Heart and Speak Up
  When eating out, speak up! Dressings on the sides!  Ask the waiter to put half the meal in a
container to take home before it leaves the kitchen.
If you donít decide what goes in your mouth, someone else will!

Extend Yourself
No one but YOU can create health.  It will not come to the front door for you!

Keep it Simple
The healthiest food is that which has the least preparation.

Out of Small Things Proceedeth that Which is Great
One pound, one choice, one day at a time!

Go Back and Correct Things
After over-indulging, eat less the next day, drink extra water, exercise more.

Food Is Not As Important As You Think
Find something to do rather than something to eat.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die
 Recognize your needs and prayerfully, creatively find a way to address them. 
Camilla wanted a ring. What do you want or need?
Turning to food is not an answer as it solves only one problem:  that of being hungry.
Donít expect it to do anything more than fill your stomach.

Appearances Are Not As Important As They Seem
Who cares what you look like?  Just get out there and exercise!

Keep Your Hands Busy
A craft or project is the best way ever to stay out of the kitchen.

Go The Extra Mile
cising Ė promise yourself 10-15 minutes and it will feel so good youíll be ready to do more!

Keep On Learning
Itís much better to fill our minds than our stomachs.

Have Fun With Your Neighbors
Food is only food, it is not a friend who can make you laugh,
brighten your day or give you an opportunity to serve.

Angels Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly
Although health is a priority, keep it in its place and donít make your eating plan
a trial or a burden for those around you.

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